• Actress, producer and manager in “LA JARTÁ TEATRO Y AUDIOVISUAL” (her own theatre company and film production company).
• «Open secret», «Un secreto a voces», by Álvaro Carrero (La Cochera Producciones). (Currently).
• «Galdós in hell», «Galdós en los infiernos», by Enrique Gallud Jardiel (Telón Corto Productions & La Magia de la Voz). (On tour).
«A Christmas Carol», by Charles Dickens, dramatized reading directed by Eduardo Gutiérrez (2022-2023).
«EISI/DISI ACDC Tribute» (McBryan Productions). (2020-2022).
«Lies in History», «Trolas de la Historia», dramatized reading by Enrique Gallud Jardiel (Telón Corto Productions & La Magia de la Voz). (2020).
«Fando y Lis» by Fernando Arrabal (characters: Lis, Mítaro, Namur, Toso) . National and international tours with «LA JARTÁ TEATRO». (2014-2019).
«Peer Gynt» by H.Ibsen, directed by Jorge Eines (“Tejido Abierto” Theatre Company). (National and international tours, 2016-2018).
“Radio Pirata”, “La mar de divertido” and «Cantando bajo la luna», directed by Quetramas Producciones. (2017-2019).
«Rumbaclown” (Miguel Reyes Jiménez Company). (2015-2016).
• “Divertidero Lunar” («Funtrashtic Moonatics»), directed by Trastea Producciones. (2015-2016).
• “1941, Bodas de Sangre” («Blood Wedding») by Federico García Lorca and directed by Jorge Eines (“Tejido Abierto” Theatre Company). National and international tour all over Spain, Argentina and programmed by “National Drama Centre” (CDN) in Madrid.
• Member and co-founder of the theatre company PIES PLANOS (FLAT FEET), obtaining second prize in the V Humour Competition «COSTELLO SCENE”. (2010).
“Agamenón” by Rodrigo García (several characters). Performances in SALA TIS. (Madrid, 2010).
Kids theatre and dance teacher in Hotel Fuerte Miramar-Spa. (2010 and 2013).
«La Celestina» by Fernando de Rojas, tragic comedy (main character: Melibea). (2010).
• Children animation in Hotel Fuerte Marbella (2009-2010).
«Pathetics» (character: Lidia) and «Fuenteovejuna» (character: Laurencia) with Acto 1º Teatro Company. (2009).
«A Midsummer night´s dream» by W. Shakespeare (character: Titania). Hildesheim University. (Hannover, Germany, 2008). Performances in German.
«Twelfth Night or What you will» by W. Shakespeare (character:Olivia). Hildesheim University. (Hannover, Germany,2008). Performances in German.
«Peter Pan, the musical» by Luis Ramírez. National tour with Theatre Properties (2005-2007).
• «La vida es sueño» («Life is a dream») by Calderón de la Barca. (character: “The shadow”).(2007).
• «La Dama boba» («Lady Nitwit») (character: Finea). (2006).
«La Magia de Broadway, the musical» by Theatre Properties. Performances in the “III Musical theatre Festival Luis Ramírez” (2005).
• «El hombre de la Mancha, el musical» («Man of La Mancha, the musical») by Theatre Properties. Performances in the “III Musical Theatre Festival Luis Ramírez” (2005).
«Ifigenia en Táuride» (Classical Theatre Company Sémele) directed by Chencho Ortiz. Premiere in Teatro Cervantes of Málaga and tour around Andalucía. (2005),
• Artistic performances with the Music and Dance School of Marbella in “Ciudad de Marbella” Theatre, Parque de la Constitución Auditorium, “Sala Marbella” and in “El Ingenio” Theatre. (2000-2004).




• Currently working for NETFLIX, HBO, DISNEY CHANNEL, AVALON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, FOX, PARAMOUNT…as a dubbing actress of TV, series and videogames.
• Voice over of podcasts, audiobooks, audible fictions and advertisements (PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE, AUDIBLE, DGT, ROCHE,MOVISTAR, McGRAW HILL, CADENA SER, among others).
• Actress performing in advertisements for CUTTY SARK, BBVA, BENQ…
• Short film “Saber perder” (“Learning to lose”) by Sergio Milán (main character: Granddaughter). (2019).
• Short film “Banqueta o taburete” (“Stool or tabouret?”) by Sergio Milán (main character: Girl). (2018).
• Short film “La teoría del sueño” («The theory of dreams») by Rubén Barbosa (main character: Stage manager). (2018).
• Short film “Ensalada de atún crudo” (“Tuna raw salad”) by Sergio Milán (main character: Girl). (2017).
• Short film “El llanto del ciervo. (Episodio 1: Nerea)” (“The crying of the deer» (Episode 1: «Nerea”) by Rafa Casado productions (main character: Nerea). (2017).
• Short film “Buffalo Bill, rompiendo el silencio” (“Buffalo Bill, breaking the silence”) by Sergio Milán (main character: Clarice Starling). (2016).
• Short film “Post-traumatic Park” (“Post-traumatic Park”) by Sergio Milán (character: the girlfriend). (2016).
• Short film “Socialmente muertos” (“Socially dead”) by Sergio Milán (main character: Mª Teresa).(2014).
• Short film “Vagón 9/ Acto Primero” (“Train 9 / First Act”) by Sergio Milán (main character: woman). (2013).
• Voice of several advertising videos by Connecta Madrid (advertising enterprise). (2011/2012).
• Short film “La transformación de Sara Luna” («The transformation of Sara Luna») by William Mcgrath (main character: Sara Luna). (2011).
• Short film “Despierta” (“Wake up”) by Cinema School “CES” (main character: Sole). (2011).
• Short film “Punto de vista” (“Points of view”) by Ricardo Yebra (character: Lurdes). (2009).
• Short film “Línea 57” (“Line 57”) directed by Ádel Kháder and produced by Borvoleta Films. (2006).
• Short film “Los cristales habitados” («The living crystals»), directed and produced by Borvoleta Films. (2005).





BA in Drama Studies by the HIGH SCHOOL OF DRAMATIC ARTS of Málaga, obtained BA (Hons) DRAMA DEGREE FIRST CLASS AWARD. (2004-2008).
Graduated in Tourism Studies by the UNIVERSITY TOURISM SCHOOL of Málaga. (2004-2008).
Graduated in Advanced Studies in Theater Master´s Degree by UNIR (2020-2021).
Graduated in dubbing by Soundub Formación. (2016).
• Masterclass «LISTENING ON STAGE AS A PERFORMING SKILL» led by Pablo Messiez. (2022).
• Workshop «THE QUALITY» led by Andrés Lima. (2019).
• Workshop «DANCE OF INTENTIONS» led by Roberta Carreri from ODIN TEATRET. (2018).
Young voices dubbing course by Soundub Formación. (2015).
Flamenco skills with Sarini Nieto in Foundation Conservatory “CASA PATAS”. (2013-2016).
• Performing arts with Jorge Eines obtained the following awards: Best Actress 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012. (2008-2012).
• Film Studies and casting with the casting manager Amado Cruz and film director Vicente Aranda. (2010).
• Screen acting course with the actress Assumpta Serna and Scott Cleverdon. (2010).
• Screen acting course with the casting manager Tonucha Vidal. (2010).
• Dance and Body Expression studies with Arnold Taraborrelli. (2009).
• Screen acting course with the actor Jesús Noguero. (2009).
• Body Expression studies with Rafa Jagat. (2009).
• Vocal training with Vicente Fuentes. (2009).
• Contemporary dance studies with Fernando Hurtado. (2008).
• Verse and performing studies with the Spanish actress Alicia Hermida. (2008).
• Vocal and physical training with Roberta Carreri and Torgeir Wethal of ODIN TEATRET of Dinamarca (2004).
• Dance Studies in Liceo Artístico of Marbella. (2003/2004).
• Vocal training and course in acting with Jesús Eguía. (2002).
• Theatre Studies in the Drama & Dance School of Marbella. (2000-2004).



English: advanced level (C1)
French: intermediate level (B1)
German: basic level (A2)